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A Chat With Our New President & Chief Revenue Officer: Steve Holton

It’s another big day for Blancco Technology Group – we’ve just announced that longtime SaaS industry veteran Steve Holton has been named our first-ever President and Chief Revenue Officer. This is a very important role for our organization and we’re thrilled to have someone with such a passion and track record for building and growing high-performing sales teams and cultures.

As he prepares to start his new role on July 25th, I sat down with him for a brief Q&A. Here’s a snippet from our conversation. 

What is your approach to building high-performing sales teams and cultures?

Steve Holton: It’s important to first understand the huge impact culture plays in sales success. A highly collaborative, energetic and authentic sales culture will supercharge sales efforts and build and sustain a high-performing global sales team that thrives on their individual success and the organization’s success. In other words, start by designing a sales culture that promotes success at every position.… Read more

A Chat With Our New Chief Strategy Officer: Richard Stiennon

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, we have a new Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Stiennon. For anyone who has worked in the data security, privacy and risk management industry, he is a name that’s synonymous with trust, respect and ‘tell it like is’ insights. We are extremely thrilled to have him join our company and know he will be instrumental in raising awareness about information management and device lifecycle, while also educating businesses on best practices.

As Richard settles into his new role, I spent a little time chatting with him about what motivated him to take this new role, his top priorities and more.

What was it about Blancco Technology Group that appealed to you?

Richard Stiennon: I’ve spent my fair share of time evaluating IT/data security vendor business models as an analyst for the likes of Gartner and PricewaterhouseCoopers. And more often than not, the typical vendor will say they have some new and unheard of ‘twist’ on countering the latest security threat.… Read more

A Chat with Paul Henry: Stopping the Used Electronics Privacy Nightmare

What do the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State Lottery Commission, and Department of Mental Health have in common? They were all among the 12 agencies audited by the state of Massachusetts in 2015 and were deemed to have failed to comply with state requirements for the removal of confidential information from electronic equipment. During the audit, it was discovered that the medical examiner left 40 hard drives, which contained information of suspicious deaths, in an open area.

While this case is shocking, it’s easier, more common and more dangerous than most realize to find residual data on used electronics after they’ve been sold. This is reiterated by the findings of our new data recovery study that launched today, where we purchased 200 second-hand hard disk drives and solid state drives from eBay and Craigslist. In addition to finding personally identifiable information on 67 percent of the drives, we were more worried by the fact that 11 percent of the drives held sensitive corporate data, including company emails, CRM records and spreadsheets containing sales projections and product inventories.… Read more

iOS Optimization Hacks: Reducing ‘NTF’ Returns and Improving the Customer Care Experience

We recently published a series of blogs to help the mobile industry tackle the ‘No Trouble Found’ device return dilemma head on. Our first series was heavily focused on Android devices. Not only does Android dominate the market at the moment, but 44 percent of the Android devices we tested on our SmartChk diagnostics platform failed in the first quarter of 2016. We thought this was a definite cause for concern. But we couldn’t just focus on solving the Android ‘NTF’ dilemma.

It’s still a two-horse race between Android and iOS in the battle for market domination, with iOS making up 17.7% of the market share. And what’s more, our diagnostics data shows that a quarter of iOS devices are failing. This is a huge problem if Apple wants to stay in the race.

So this week, we are sharing our first batch of iOS device optimization tips that customer service representatives and repair specialists should be aware of to reduce the likelihood taking ‘NTF’ devices in for repair. … Read more

3 Data Storage Trends Changing the Security Game in 2016

Each year, the amount of data generated increases significantly and thanks to the technological advances of mobile devices and cloud computing, more and more information can be stored remotely. And the increased popularity of virtualized work desks and connected ‘things’ has created complex data storage environments. While many of these changes have led to more streamlined business processes and highly personalized customer experiences, there are still some security loopholes we cannot ignore.

To better understand this, let’s look at three data storage trends that will have a dramatic impact on the security industry.

#1: IoT should really be called the Internet of ‘insecure’ things.

Gartner expects that, by 2020, about 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and to each other. Other estimations set the number between 20 and 28 billion. No matter which estimate is exactly right, these predictions are huge and cannot be ignored.

But while the benefits seem obvious, is the ‘insecurity’ of IoT being overlooked?… Read more

Inside the BTG Walls: Meet Bernard Le Gargean, Product Manager

It’s time for another edition of our employee spotlight series – Inside the BTG Walls. This month, I chatted with Bernard Le Gargean, Product Manager for our data erasure solutions. Based out of our Finland office, Bernard has been with us for over three years and has spent a good amount of time building and improving our products. But we know what makes a great employee isn’t always limited to what happens inside the office – it’s the passions in our lives, the people who inspire us to do great things and more. So let’s find out more about what makes Bernard Le Gargean tick.

Who has played the most influential role in your life?

Bernard Le Gargean: Without a doubt, I would say my parents. My father was a teacher, which meant that he worked shorter days than the average person and spent most of his free time with my three brothers and I.… Read more

Where to Find Blancco Technology Group This Summer

Summer is here and for us, it’s chock full of events – from digital webinars to speaking engagements at industry conferences to workshop-style events we’re hosting in different parts of the world. If you’re interested in learning about how to solve compliance challenges when storing data in the cloud, or want to understand how to improve your customers’ mobility, then you’ll want to attend these events.

We thought it’d be useful for you to see when and where you can find us this summer so you can attend any of the events if you’re available and interested in the topics.

WEBINAR: Cloud Storage & Security – Solving Compliance Challenges

Cloud storage services are in high demand. But enterprises must be extremely cautious when selecting a cloud storage provider and ask detailed questions about a provider’s roadmap. By doing so, this will help enterprises minimize security risks and adhere to regulatory requirements.… Read more

Why Android Devices Are No Match for iOS in Performance

According to Ericsson’s 2015 Mobility Report, there will be 6.4 billion smartphone users by 2020, up from 3.4 billion in 2015. That’s a lot of mobility, right? And it’s only going to keep increasing because the more sophisticated mobile devices become, the more dependent users are on them. It’s why I manage my entire life from my mobile device. But like millions of mobile users around the world, I too feel flustered – and frustrated – when my device doesn’t run as smoothly as I’d like it to. And if this causes stress on users like me, you can bet it creates more pain points for the wireless carriers and OEMs who have the tough job of keeping mobile customers satisfied, engaged and loyal.

That’s why every quarter, we release our comprehensive “State of Mobile Device Performance and Health” report. Through data collected from millions of iOS and Android devices tested on the SmartChk diagnostics platform in the first quarter of 2016, we’ve learned that Android devices are prone to high rates of device failures, crashing apps and app cache.… Read more

Shredding Vs Deleting: Are Your ‘Deleted’ Files Truly Gone?

Last year, our data recovery study found that 48 percent of second-hand hard drives contained data leftover from the previous user. What’s worse, 75 percent of those drives already had a deletion attempt made on them. So if the user had already attempted to delete the file, why was the data able to be recovered?

The majority of people don’t realize that when they delete a file, drag it to the ‘Recycle Bin,’ or even reformat a drive, the information is still there. You see, all of these methods simply remove the pointers to the data without actually removing the data itself.

But what happens to data when businesses are unknowingly using inadequate deletion methods to reduce surplus data or recycle/dispose of old IT assets? They’re not only left with a false sense of security, but massive amounts of information like emails, confidential documents and other sensitive information risks being exposed and falling into the wrong hands.… Read more

WhatsApp Encryption: Why It’s Not Exactly Perfect

If you logged into WhatsApp recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s introduced end-to-end encryption. Unlike the Telegram app, WhatsApp encryption is enabled by default. Not only that, everything is encrypted – messages, video, audio, images, files and even calls. While this feature is a step forward in securing digital communications, it isn’t exactly perfect.

For organizations that have adopted BYOD, encrypting apps designed to improve employee communication, mobility and productivity is a good thing. But in some senses, it could give your organization a somewhat false sense of total security. To explain why enterprises need to be wary, I caught up with one of our data erasure product managers, Pasi Kellokoski. Here’s what he had to say.

#1: End-to-end encryption is useless unless the endpoint device is secure.

While WhatsApp is responsible for safely transferring data from one device to another, it has no control over what happens when information reaches its destination.… Read more

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